More Sustainable Hospital Products

Sustainability as a business approach is becoming widely adopted by companies and organizations around the world. The health care sector is no different. This industry has begun to embrace a sustainability mindset as the linkage between greener operations, improved health care and lower operating costs is becoming more apparent. Hospitals are starting to place greater emphasis on greener products for use in delivering patient care, as well as the materials used throughout their facilities, such as cleaning products and office supplies. While the sector has made great strides toward sustainability, greater leaps will be needed to advance sustainable health care around the world…

Other visible signs that sustainability is growing in importance among health care institutions can be seen in their purchasing decisions and the requirements they are placing on their suppliers. Some institutions have adopted Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP) programs to ensure consideration is being given to buying products with sustainable attributes. Others have created Sustainability Scorecards, including Kaiser Permanente in 2010, which requires suppliers to provide environmental information about products. Given these trends, it is not surprising that 54 percent of respondents surveyed in four countries reported “green” attributes are important (rated 8-10 on a 10-point scale) in their purchasing decisions for health care products. (…read more)

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